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PostHeaderIcon Performance Results

The June CNE show has come and gone, but surely it will not be soon forgotten. With an impressive number of performance cavaliers in attendance there was much camaraderie as handlers cheered one another on. With 32 entries on Saturday and 31 on Sunday there was much to cheer about. Our dogs tried their hardest to please as always, but being the darling little cavaliers that they are sometimes they got distracted from the task at hand causing near misses at qualifying legs. But in the end they gave us a reason to smile and that’s why we do this, for the love of working with our dogs and the happiness they bring us.

Saturday’s High in Trial was Antonia Tuck and Orchardhill Over The Top CD, RE, NA,C-RN, C-OA, C-NAJ from the Novice B class which finished her C-CD title.

Saturday’s High in Rally was Sabine Gregory and Mo CD, RAE, MX, AXJ, OFMXP, MJP, NFP, C-CD, C-RAE, C-GN from the Rally Advanced Class.

On Sunday, the High in Trial winner was Antonia Tuck and Orchardhill Over The Top CD, RE, NA, C-RN, C-OA, C-NAJ for a bumper leg in Novice B.

Sunday’s High in Rally was Jenn Stollery and Monarch’s Mini Cooper III C-CD, C-RE, XF, AX, AXJ, RE from Rally Excellent.

Congratulations to everyone that showed their cavalier in performance.



Performance at the CNE June show was the usual good time. It started on Friday with a training day put on by Sherry Holm which was attended by both rally and obedience competitors who worked on their retrieving skills as well as polishing their heeling and other problem areas. This got everyone in the mood for the rally and obedience trials that were held on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s judge, Ellen Adomelis, and Sunday’s judge, Linda Ferrullo, seemed to enjoy judging the bevy of happy go lucky cavaliers who were put through their paces, looking for that elusive qualifying leg towards a new title. Congratulations to all who qualified. It’s not easy convincing a cavalier to heel when there is a spot on the rug that looks like smooshed cheese over in the corner J

 Results are as follows :


Saturday’s HIT – Jen Stollery  & Wesley RE, CD, AXP, C-CD, C-RA 

Saturday’s HIR – Cheryl Mandeville & UCD Piaffe Twist of Fate C-CD, CD, C-RN, RE


Sunday’s HIT - Cheryl Mandeville & UCD Piaffe Twist of Fate C-CD, CD, C-RN, RE

Sunday’s HIR – Jana Rychlik & Sherah Stars And Stripes C-CD, CD, C-RE, RA